Thursday, August 10, 2017

Had more gastric problems a couple of weeks ago, was in the hospital (Banner Churchill in Fallon, NV) for 3 1/2 days, the main symptoms have settled down, but now I have to make an appointment with an Gastroenterologist.  Ugh.  Now to search through the Prominence Insurance provider list.  

Did get a wee bit of test knitting done on the Brother 390 bulky, really like the interaction of fine silks with the bulky chenille yarn.  Using the fine silk in the 390 carriage for one row, take it off and put it on the far right end of the bed behind the 400 carruage,  then the chenille in the 400 carriage for 4 rows of odd and end tuck.  Will have to do up a larger sample to see if it retains what I liked in the 30 stitches I originally cast on.  We'll see.  Having to have an awful lot of bed rest.  So it may be a few days/weeks before I get enough knit up to show.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Had the two surgical procedures on the 20th, got the results by the end of the week.  They're FAST at Banner Health Hospital in Fallon, NV!!  And a nicer, caring staff would be hard to find.  

Results?  Colonoscopy -- No diverticula, no colitis.  Did find a polyp in the colon, removed it and it came back non-cancerous.  WOO HOO !!!  

The EBD (?) camera down the gullet thing.  I have some ulcer issues -- no bleeding, Praise the Lord!!  Nothing too drastic that medication & diet can't help repair.  

All in all, DANGED LUCKY!!  Doing multi-happy dances.  Mentally, that is. LOL.  Takes up to 2 weeks to totally recover and that's just about up ... on Monday the 3rd.  

Keep on knittin' ...