Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family -- Nothing Like It During The Holidays!

What a LOVELY time we had today!!  My oldest son, Eric, his wife Susan and their two sons, Jedediah and Jonathon came over from Sacramento today.  We had such a wonderful time and a great deal of fun, laughter and fabulous food.  My grand daughter, Arrie, roasted two chickens, Patti (Wade's girlfriend) made a fabulous macaroni salad with a dill dressing.  My son Wade (Arrie's dad) and Patti made up batches of fudge, both dark chocolate and milk chocolate.  Talk about a feast!!

I'm proud of all my kids, but I want to tell you about Eric.  He is an amputee and has started a support group for discussing problems amputees face.  I am so very proud of Eric and his adjustment to being an amputee.  He's marvelously grounded, and always has a smile and laughter.  And emotional support for anyone. He doesn't provide any sort of financial support to fellow amputees nor their families.  BUT, he does have a wealth of resources and is always glad to share .  His page can be seen on Facebook at:

Please visit his FB page, like it and share with all your followers?

Love to you all this Holiday Season!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

ACEO's I'm Collecting Again!

Found some great ACEO's on Zibbet and they talked to me ... so of course, I had to buy them.  :) I think the ACEO's are more of a sideline for her.  Love those little 2.5" x 3.5" works of art!   I can hardly wait until they arrive.  I've got plenty of space in my ACEO frames for them.

Her shop is called:  Clarify Wearable Textile Art  and has some stunning fashions for all sorts of sizes. :)   Her work is fabulous, her fashions are REALLY in the realm of top Fashionista!!   The decorative stitching is fabulous.  

Off to hunt for more!
Marge ~ who is taking a couple days off from knitting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I-CORD FUN by Marge Parker

I love I-CORDS!! They're quick and easy to make and have so many uses. 

Besides making ooooodles of them on the knitting machine when I'm working on a project, I've got one of those Cord Makers (you can find them around the net at dealers sites and eBay ranging from $10 - $25). One of the best little knitting helper investments I ever made. Just make sure it comes with the two original clip weights.

I keep a variety of colors of cords on hand, using up scraps, etc. You can even make them in stripes as well as solids. Or blend 2 strands of thinner yarns for a nice tweedy look. I string mine onto large hand knitting stitch holders

Here are some great ideas for using I-Cord. This list is not comprehensive, just a few to show you some of the diversity of I-Cord.

• Laces for shoes, a tabard vest, chemise closure
• Drawstrings for bags, hats, purses, sweater tops, etc.
• Stitch it onto a sweater outlining a picture.
• Use around the edge of a blanket; such as weaving in and out of a worm edge. (see picture)
• Hang it on as you knit for dimensional embellishment such as captured in pull-up knitweave (see picture)
• Scrunchies / Hair ties
• Braid it for trims on jackets, around necklines, etc.
• Knit long I-Cord then knit potholder, attaching I-Cord as you go for trim.
• Tie into intricate knots such as a celtic design to embellish.
• Knit-weave your thinner I-Cord for a thick lap robe.
• Coil I-Cord and crochet them for coasters and placemats (see picture)
• Intricate loops and swirls glued to a lampshade OR, if you have knit a lampshade, sew into place for embellishment.

Let your imagination GO on this simple project.


More Yarns Available

 Just finished up winding off MORE luxury and specialty yarns and they're now LIVE in my Shop.  AND, there's also 10% off your order through Dec. 15th.  Discount is automatically taken off.  Just look at all the lovely colors and textures!

These can be purchased in my ZIBBET Shop!

These will come boxed to prevent crushing unless you want me to use bubble wrap and a poly-mailer.  That would save around 3-5 ounces.  Mailing from Sparks, NV 89431.  Please note:   All yarns are stored in a smoke free, but pet friendly environment.Until next time ...Thanks!Marge