Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Coming Sunday -- 9/11/11

I will never forget where I was on that terrible morning in September, 2001. People around the globe remember exactly where they were when they heard the awful news. Just like, for others of my generation, I'll never forget where I was when I heard JFK had been assassinated.

My husband came and woke me saying I had to come see what was on the tv. The urgency and sheer pain in his voice struck me so vehemently that I made it down the hall to the living room in record time. Earthquake? Floods? Fires? Where were our grown children and their families ... was something happening where they lived? What? A million fears fought for supremacy in my sleep-fogged brain.

I was NOT prepared for the horrific images that were on the tv screen. Where? What country? Then the announcer said New York.


It was a good thing I was already sitting down. Fleeting hopes that this was some sort of a movie preview were completely dashed as I glanced over at Jerry, my husband, and it hurt so much to see the silent tears streaming down his cheeks. His lips tightening, seeing his jaw clench in anger as facts started to emerge about this terror attack. I started crying and didn't stop for quite some time. Minutes? Hours? . I still cry to this day when I think of that devastating point in history.

We prayed so hard that day, silently and out loud. For the victims and for the families of those victims! I couldn't imagine the fear, pain, confusion, horror and disbelief they must have experienced in those dark hours. And oh, those HEROES who selflessly went into that fiery fray to rescue those who were trapped and injured. So many lost their lives. The sadness of that day was overwhelming. God bless them all.

We sat there for hours, our eyes glued to the tv screen, listening with baited breath to the stricken voices of the newscasters. It was all so hard to take in and process. For some reason, I had a fleeting memory of my father teaching me the Guy Fawkes poem as a child. Shoving that to the back of my brain, wondering what brought that on, it was back to all the newscasts and the hideous images that were flooding the screen and jumping right into our bodies and stabbing at our hearts. The rest of that day was somewhat of a blur. We got through it, somehow. And we were on the other side of the country. I had to rely on my faith. And it stood me in good stead.

It was months later I remembered that fleeting thought I'd had about my father. So I 'borrowed' the tempo of the historic Guy Fawkes poem and came up with this ...

Ever remember eleven September

For hijack, terror and plot

There is no reason this hijack & terror

Should ever be forgot...

And the Parker family won't forget. Ever.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Latest Machine Knitting Projects

Wow! Nothing like taking 2 months to get back into my blog, eh? :)  Lots of things have been happening, had a great Christmas in July sale and some fab auctions in August.  We're having the Rib Cook-Off here in Sparks, NV this weekend and since we live so close, it's an easy walk of 3 blocks.  

I wasn't able to attend, illnesses had me under the weather, but all seems to be under control now. :)  Son and his lady went rib-shopping for Jerry and me ... oh, the beef ribs were ENORMOUS and soooo tender!   YUM!  Wasn't that thrilled with the pork ribs at the vendor he got them from, didn't come off the bone easily.  Great taste, looked fantastic, but a bit tough.  Now the Pulled Pork, that was super-yummy too.  Great beans and cole slaw.  

On to other things ... between the illness bouts, I've been making up some lovely tuck stitch gift bags in various color (more to come) once I figure out which yarns I want to use. :)  This pattern is from the Toyota 901 punchcard set, #11.  My many thanks to my fellow machine knitters on the Yahoo Group for letting me know which machine had these cards. :)

 and I've added to my Soap Sliver Saver Sacks ...
I have 3 or 4 more that are completely different to finish sewing up today.  Mostly cotton, but one is an acrylic, I think.  Might try to add to my crochet scrubbies inventory, too.

Uh oh, just looked outside and the cars are beginning to gather, snagging what parking spaces are available.  We've got the orange cones on either side of our driveway to prevent folks from parking so we can't get out.  I really hate to call the tow trucks, but it's illegal to block a private residence's driveway.  We end up with wall-to-wall cars around here, especially since we're so close to Victorian Square. 

That's all for now, more in a day or so.

Happy knitting, crocheting or whatever craft you enjoy! :)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Pictures At Right

Hey, folks --- See the pictures at the right?  Mouse-over the items and a larger picture will appear with the title and the price.  

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas In July Celebration!

There's a LOT going on at Bonanza!

Hundreds of booths are participating in the Annual Christmas In July Sales.  Discounts range from 10% OFF up to 50% OFF.  The coupon code for all these booths is July.

Each of my booths MKDesigner and Knits 'n More has 20% OFF and there's a link just below the LIVE Chat window to view a list of all the booths participating.

Enjoy armchair shopping during the hot summer and get started on your holiday gift list!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miniature Footed Gift Basket!

If you've never tried knitting and starching  with your machine knit items, here's your chance to give it a whirl with our sample pattern for a Miniature Footed Gift Basket!

This pattern is under copyright and may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise ‘shared’ without specific written permission from the author.

Yarn: Ticaro Flake or any cotton yarn of approximately the same thickness.
Materials Required:
Cotton Yarn in various colors                Aleen’s Fabric Stiffener
6 oz. Clear glass custard cup                1/4” ribbon
Chiffon or Ribbon flowers                      Hot glue gun
DULL table knife                                 Embellishments: lace, pearls, etc.
4 Glass or Plastic beads for feet                                                 
A small flower pot will work as well for your starching form.   

Weave cast on over 59 needles (or sufficient for circumference of the top rim of cup – this will vary depending on your yarn’s stretchiness.)

Knit total of 30 rows in any eyelet pattern desired.

Make eyelets evenly across work (must have even # of eyelets if you wish to weave ribbon around rim)

Knit 2 rows and Latch work off the machine.

Pull weaving thread taut and sew up the side seam.  Hide yarn ends.

Cover cup with plastic, saturate work with the starch, squeeze out excess, work over cup form and allow to dry overnight. Remove from form, decorate. Glue beads onto cup base, place decorative guest soaps or bath pearls in dish.
This little soap dish is also excellent as a small token gift item. Fill it with some festively wrapped holiday candies or some fudge or even a miniature well-wrapped mini-fruitcake (make them in muffin cups).

Here are a few of the ones I decorate.

             If you enjoy this little pattern, our other basket patterns are available at my Website

Keep on Knittin' 

Some Of The Crafting Supplies We Have...

These are all available in my Bonanza Booth's Craft Supplies Section  If you don't wish to sign up for Bonanza to purchase, that's okay. :)  Just let me know which items interest you and I can send you an email quote or a PayPal invoice if you prefer.  I do combine to save on shipping!  Can take PayPal, Google Checkout, Postal Money Orders and personal checks (slight delay in shipping on personal checks).