Friday, January 24, 2014

What We're Up To ...

My youngest grandson, Jon (Eric & Susan's son) turned 12 earlier this week.  Sigh.  He's growing up sooo much and way too quickly! I miss the little boy who would cuddle.  Jon is my youngest grandchild.  Adore that boy!! 

Granddaughter, Arrie (Wade's daughter), is doing so very well in school this year.  She's been doing some lovely miniature pottery animals and is so very talented.  Proud of her. I'll have to put up pictures of some of her 'creatures' one of these days.  She is so very, very talented!

Grandson, Jedediah (Eric & Susan's oldest boy) will soon be installed as Master Councilor in the Order Of DeMolay.  Jed has really risen through the ranks of DeMolay quickly and loves the organization.

My husband, Jerry, went through DeMolay and thoroughly enjoyed it. I gave all of Jerry's service bars, books and such to Jedediah when he started in DeMolay.  They don't do service bars, these days.  Jerry had over 30, I think.  HUGE amount of them.  The organization is a great way for boys to have friends with similar beliefs and they are ready to support their DeMolay brothers at all times.  They're all great friends.

Me?  I'm designing several new knit items for Spring. Been spending a great deal of time at the knitting machines, working all the kinks out of several patterns.  Once I get some prototypes done up, I'll post pictures.

Best to all, especially those in the storm-laden midwest and east!    Check in and let me know how you're all doing, okay?

Love & {{HUGS}},