Sunday, September 4, 2011

Latest Machine Knitting Projects

Wow! Nothing like taking 2 months to get back into my blog, eh? :)  Lots of things have been happening, had a great Christmas in July sale and some fab auctions in August.  We're having the Rib Cook-Off here in Sparks, NV this weekend and since we live so close, it's an easy walk of 3 blocks.  

I wasn't able to attend, illnesses had me under the weather, but all seems to be under control now. :)  Son and his lady went rib-shopping for Jerry and me ... oh, the beef ribs were ENORMOUS and soooo tender!   YUM!  Wasn't that thrilled with the pork ribs at the vendor he got them from, didn't come off the bone easily.  Great taste, looked fantastic, but a bit tough.  Now the Pulled Pork, that was super-yummy too.  Great beans and cole slaw.  

On to other things ... between the illness bouts, I've been making up some lovely tuck stitch gift bags in various color (more to come) once I figure out which yarns I want to use. :)  This pattern is from the Toyota 901 punchcard set, #11.  My many thanks to my fellow machine knitters on the Yahoo Group for letting me know which machine had these cards. :)

 and I've added to my Soap Sliver Saver Sacks ...
I have 3 or 4 more that are completely different to finish sewing up today.  Mostly cotton, but one is an acrylic, I think.  Might try to add to my crochet scrubbies inventory, too.

Uh oh, just looked outside and the cars are beginning to gather, snagging what parking spaces are available.  We've got the orange cones on either side of our driveway to prevent folks from parking so we can't get out.  I really hate to call the tow trucks, but it's illegal to block a private residence's driveway.  We end up with wall-to-wall cars around here, especially since we're so close to Victorian Square. 

That's all for now, more in a day or so.

Happy knitting, crocheting or whatever craft you enjoy! :)


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