Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miniature Footed Gift Basket!

If you've never tried knitting and starching  with your machine knit items, here's your chance to give it a whirl with our sample pattern for a Miniature Footed Gift Basket!

This pattern is under copyright and may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise ‘shared’ without specific written permission from the author.

Yarn: Ticaro Flake or any cotton yarn of approximately the same thickness.
Materials Required:
Cotton Yarn in various colors                Aleen’s Fabric Stiffener
6 oz. Clear glass custard cup                1/4” ribbon
Chiffon or Ribbon flowers                      Hot glue gun
DULL table knife                                 Embellishments: lace, pearls, etc.
4 Glass or Plastic beads for feet                                                 
A small flower pot will work as well for your starching form.   

Weave cast on over 59 needles (or sufficient for circumference of the top rim of cup – this will vary depending on your yarn’s stretchiness.)

Knit total of 30 rows in any eyelet pattern desired.

Make eyelets evenly across work (must have even # of eyelets if you wish to weave ribbon around rim)

Knit 2 rows and Latch work off the machine.

Pull weaving thread taut and sew up the side seam.  Hide yarn ends.

Cover cup with plastic, saturate work with the starch, squeeze out excess, work over cup form and allow to dry overnight. Remove from form, decorate. Glue beads onto cup base, place decorative guest soaps or bath pearls in dish.
This little soap dish is also excellent as a small token gift item. Fill it with some festively wrapped holiday candies or some fudge or even a miniature well-wrapped mini-fruitcake (make them in muffin cups).

Here are a few of the ones I decorate.

             If you enjoy this little pattern, our other basket patterns are available at my Website

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