Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family -- Nothing Like It During The Holidays!

What a LOVELY time we had today!!  My oldest son, Eric, his wife Susan and their two sons, Jedediah and Jonathon came over from Sacramento today.  We had such a wonderful time and a great deal of fun, laughter and fabulous food.  My grand daughter, Arrie, roasted two chickens, Patti (Wade's girlfriend) made a fabulous macaroni salad with a dill dressing.  My son Wade (Arrie's dad) and Patti made up batches of fudge, both dark chocolate and milk chocolate.  Talk about a feast!!

I'm proud of all my kids, but I want to tell you about Eric.  He is an amputee and has started a support group for discussing problems amputees face.  I am so very proud of Eric and his adjustment to being an amputee.  He's marvelously grounded, and always has a smile and laughter.  And emotional support for anyone. He doesn't provide any sort of financial support to fellow amputees nor their families.  BUT, he does have a wealth of resources and is always glad to share .  His page can be seen on Facebook at:

Please visit his FB page, like it and share with all your followers?

Love to you all this Holiday Season!

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