Thursday, December 12, 2013

I-CORD FUN by Marge Parker

I love I-CORDS!! They're quick and easy to make and have so many uses. 

Besides making ooooodles of them on the knitting machine when I'm working on a project, I've got one of those Cord Makers (you can find them around the net at dealers sites and eBay ranging from $10 - $25). One of the best little knitting helper investments I ever made. Just make sure it comes with the two original clip weights.

I keep a variety of colors of cords on hand, using up scraps, etc. You can even make them in stripes as well as solids. Or blend 2 strands of thinner yarns for a nice tweedy look. I string mine onto large hand knitting stitch holders

Here are some great ideas for using I-Cord. This list is not comprehensive, just a few to show you some of the diversity of I-Cord.

• Laces for shoes, a tabard vest, chemise closure
• Drawstrings for bags, hats, purses, sweater tops, etc.
• Stitch it onto a sweater outlining a picture.
• Use around the edge of a blanket; such as weaving in and out of a worm edge. (see picture)
• Hang it on as you knit for dimensional embellishment such as captured in pull-up knitweave (see picture)
• Scrunchies / Hair ties
• Braid it for trims on jackets, around necklines, etc.
• Knit long I-Cord then knit potholder, attaching I-Cord as you go for trim.
• Tie into intricate knots such as a celtic design to embellish.
• Knit-weave your thinner I-Cord for a thick lap robe.
• Coil I-Cord and crochet them for coasters and placemats (see picture)
• Intricate loops and swirls glued to a lampshade OR, if you have knit a lampshade, sew into place for embellishment.

Let your imagination GO on this simple project.


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