Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Is Affected ???

Others that could be affected:

Fundraisers - school craft fairs, booster clubs, non-profit 'silent auctions' & many more

Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shops - All the ones in our area have handmade items for gifts for Moms, Dads & Babies in the maternity wards

Senior Citizen Centers Gift Shops -- many communities have Sr. Citizen gift shops, we have at least one here in Reno

Church rummage & craft sales -- there are several churches in the greater Reno area who have rummage sales that also have crafts made by either the children or the adults as part of a fund raising effort for things like the Heifer Project, Feed The Children, etc.

What about the SCA and RenFaires that are all over the country?? Other organizations where folks craft items in the manner of their time period?

SOOOOO many organizations are covered under this ridiculous blanket of 'the law' as it is written right now.

Marge in Reno

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