Monday, March 30, 2009

Odds & Ends ...

Froggy On The GO! Pattern Currently Available in DAK .pat file OR Hand Knit Graph OR Hobbyware's Cross Stitch .pat file. Check it out at our Etsy Store!

I've been very busy on my main website, MKDesigner, the past couple of weeks. There are now more How To's up on our site and some new patterns. We've revamped the Patterns Pages to make viewing our patterns much easier.

Other projects I'm working on include trying to find the back wall and floor in the walk-in closet. Trouble is, there are 5 huge (48 gallon) tubs of yarns in the way. :-) I've been needing to get to that 'stuff' for quite some time. Now that SPRING is finally here, I can't avoid it any longer.

I'm also going to be expanding items for my Knits 'n' More Gift Shop on Etsy. There was a discussion thread on Etsy a couple of days ago about our monthly goals and how we're doing. My April Goal for Knits 'n More is to have 65 items in stock. Currently, it's at a very modest 37 items so that needs some attention too!

My MKDesigner Etsy Shop is going great! I do need to add more patterns or perhaps some stash items. Maybe a couple of vintage goodies as well. My goal is to have 100 listings. I currently have 78. So that should keep me busy when I'm not knitting ... and it may help reduce the 'stuff' in that darned closet!

~ Marge In Reno ~


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Becareful of goals you set..I remember when I wanted just over 60 items in my show..that was only 4 months ago. I now have 131 items. :) And I wonder why I am tired//LOL

Lacie Hawkins said...

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