Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pros & Cons When Considering Change

Not a total change ... not yet.  But with the way things are going on Yardsellr, I'm seriously considering a more permanent move.

I've been on for a bit less than a month.  And if I remember correctly, Yardsellr ranked quite well in the polls which were on Auction Bytes.  I decided to give it a try and it was worth the effort.   Sales are more than I'd received on Etsy (2 shops there) and Bonanza (2 booths there) combined in that same time period.

Yes, Yardsellr has some good features ... and of course, bad as well.  Their listing program takes some getting used to, but I think that's the same with any site you go to, none of them are perfect.  All of them have difficulty to some degree or another.

The Photon$ thingy is still rather confusing to me, but I'm slowly catching on and have been able to get some great bargains by using the Photon$ when purchasing.  AND, it's lots of fun 'gifting' Photon$ to others who comment or purchase your items.

I will be moving more items over from Bonanza & Etsy as time permits and also as the popularity (sales) of my Yardsellr items increases.  For now, just a hundred or so.  We'll see how it works out.  I'll always keep some of my original ePatterns on both sites since I do have somewhat of a following there and get the occasional sale of them from repeat customers.

At least it doesn't cost anything to list on Yardsellr!  You can't have a quantity there that will count down as you sell items, but that's okay. There's a quick & easy relist option which I've already used.  They are based through Facebook so there's lots of exposure of your items that way.  

The friendliness and helpfulness of the other sellers is fabulous!!  It's that camaraderie that is all important to me.  I've made a wealth of new friendships and it grows daily.

Yes, it's there on Bonanza, but the sales on there and keeping the gold membership was starting to cost beyond my sales income.  Not a good idea business wise.  Perhaps it's just a lull but I decided to venture out into other avenues for selling.   I've not found that closeness to be so on Etsy, seems to be a lot of in-fighting (MY Opinion!!).  

So I've decided to give Yardsellr a good shot.  How long?  My usual minimum on a site is about 2-4 years so I can get a good idea over a long period of time.  So far, so good.  Making sales almost every day. And that makes Marge a very happy girl!


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