Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ahhh ... The Joys of RenFaire!

My entire booth has a great, money saver discount available, so please be sure to use the coupon code:  renfaire
during checkout to receive that 35% discount at:  MKDesigner's Booth

Here are just a few of the items I have celebrating RenFaire 2012!!

Many of our Custom Designed ePatterns are also available in Cross Stitch as well as Hand Knit Graphs or Machine Knit DAK files.

We also have numerous items in our other categories of:

China ~ Pottery ~ Glass
Craft Books & Magazines
Books & Magazines
Cook Books
Craft Supplies
Health & Beauty
Original MK/HK Patterns
Original Cross Stitch
Digital Collage
CDs Music, Games, etc
*~Gift Certificates~ *
Thanks for looking!! Enjoy the Renaissance Faire with over 220 Booths participating in this 4th Annual event!

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