Friday, September 27, 2013

Okay, I'm Having WAY Too Much Fun

I've recently (couple of weeks ago) restarted my account on Zibbet to display my Knitting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Yarns and various Crafting Supplies.

Although I'd begun on there back in 2010, life and family illnesses didn't allow time to devote to numerous online selling venues and Zibbet took a back seat.  But recently, I've become discouraged with Bonanza's changes and all the problems sellers were having on Etsy.  Hence, the move of most items to Zibbet.  In case anyone was wondering where me and my stuff has moved to, come take a look at my ZIBBET Store!

The views on there are superb!!  MUCH better than Bonz and Etsy combined.  And I've not even started advertising or promoting yet!  Although I'm still finding my way about on Zibbet, it's so much nicer.  The forums are excellent and the help ... WOW!

If you're looking for an alternate selling site or looking to buy quality Hand Made items for the coming Holiday Seasons, please consider Zibbet.


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