Saturday, November 9, 2013

Awww .. Too Cute!

This picture is of Buttons.  Jerry's cat.  The one who roamed the house howling and searching for Jerry after he passed away.  Took her several weeks to realize he was not coming back.  She now gets up in my lap for some cuddles.  Snapped this pic of her just this morning.  She's such a sweetie.

Well, back to work! 


steel breeze said...

Tried to ask permission to share one of your free patterns, your .com email addresses seem to be bouncing? Apols for doing this on your blog but can't get through any other way! :/

~Marge~ said...

So sorry about that. :) My email for my blog is and it seems to be working. :) Yes, you can share one of my free ePatterns. Thanks for asking!