Thursday, December 27, 2012

End Of The Year Super Sale All ePatterns 50% OFF in our Bonanza Booth

These prices are good until midnight, December 31st. All of our ePatterns for Machine Knit are on sale in our Bonanza booth. Some have the Graphs for Hand Knitting, many require DAK. Others are written instructions for just about any machine. 

Original Machine Knit and Hand Knit ePatterns 50% Off

We're also including our Cross Stitch ePatterns in this sale. These are available in Hobbyware's .pat files or in graphs.

Original Cross Stitch ePatterns 50% Off

When checking out, you must use the coupon code: fifty  to receive the 50% off your order. This discount only applies to items in my booth at the above two URLs for my original ePatterns. Please do not use it in my other categories or I'll have to cancel the sale. :( 

Now if you do not wish to utilize Bonanza to purchase these at 50% OFF, that's fine. Send me a list of the items on my website's Patterns Pages that you wish to purchase and I'll invoice you via PayPal.


Keep on Knittin' Folks!!

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