Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So Devastating!

It has taken me all weekend to work on an article for this blog.  I wanted to,  right away ... but how, how, how, do you get your mind functioning properly where there has been such a horrific event!!

CHILDREN!  TEACHERS! Brutally struck down.  

I cannot watch long segments of television.  It hurts too much.  And now that the immediate shock is waning, they're now into all the politics --- what to do --- how can we protect --- is it a medical condition --- a syndrome --- birth defect --- drugs --- lack of parental involvement --- is more gun control needed --- more mental health awareness --- stricter laws ... they're recycling the reasons over and over.  Hour after hour - day after day.  

Yes, we need to figure out some practical way to better protect our children.  But at the moment, we need to give those  poor families, friends and townspeople whatever they need to get through this.  They are suffering.  I pray so much for them and I do feel a sense of peace wash over me from time to time during prayers.  That allows me to get back up on my feet and DO something constructive rather than sit around, glued to and yet avoiding the news shows, sitting mesmerized by the horror of what happened just a few days ago.  


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