Friday, August 9, 2013

Back On Target

Hello everyone,

I'm back in Nevada from my very much needed vacation.  It was wonderful.  So very restful and such a joy to see those 3 beautiful grandchildren ... all grown up.  Sigh.

Now.  What's my target?  Well, knitting, for one thing.  This past week and the well laid plans went awry somewhat.  I've only completed 2 panels of an afghan on the Brother 390 in 9mm mode.  Then I ran out of that yarn. (AARRGH!!) Took the 3rd (final panel) off on scrap until I can make a trip to JoAnn's to pick up more skeins.

Running out of yarn on a large-ish project is not fun.  So I did a bit of an inventory on yarns I'd slated for larger projects to have at upcoming fall craft fairs.  Hmmmm ... Need a few other yarns now.  Or a change in plans on what I want to knit. Nope, I'll stick to the tried and true items that just about always sell very well for me. So all of my smaller amounts of yarn will be wound off into balls such as these that I currently have up in my Etsy Shop. They're lovely yarns, just not enough for projects I would do with them or they're not the right color/shade:


 During my two day venture of inventorying my yarns, I discovered several that are now mystery yarns.  Not sure where I picked them up or when, but the labels are now long gone.  So time to do some fiber testing and then if I don't want to keep them, or can't determine the fiber, I'll ball them off the cones and up they go to my Etsy Shop! :)

I did manage to unearth several skeins / cones of cotton or cotton blend yarns that I will be using to knit up some Sachet / Soap Sliver Saver Sacks. I used to partner with a local gal who made fabulous goats milk soaps and we did them up in little gifty type baskets.  But she's moved out of state now and has retired from making soaps, so will need to find another local source. Drat.  I've thought of doing up potpourri net bags to have in the knit sacks and selling them as sachets.  I've used them for my own closets / dressers and my Mom loved them for that.  It's the stocking of all the various scents of potpourri that has me shying from that.  It can be quite an investment.  
That's it for this visit. :)  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Hope you all have a great day!!



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