Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh, Great!

We had such lovely, sunny & warm weather just yesterday.  When I took my grand daughter to school about an hour ago, it was raining off and on.  Then, on the trip home, it started to mix some snow into the rain.  THAT was not due to hit Sparks until this evening, according to the weatherman.  So much for having the yard sale I'd planned for this weekend!  Even if it goes back to rain only as they've predicted for the weekend.  Can't quite trust that, though.

The last time we had snow in April (2005 - pic at left), it was quite a good sized storm.  I have high hopes history will NOT repeat itself!


Gonna go console myself by delving into one of the yarn tubs and knit something warm.  Like maybe a pair of socks.  And if this dratted snow doesn't stop, a hooded parka!

Hmmmm  ... maybe I'll put a bunch of my yard sale stuff up in my booth on Bonanzle.  That might work.

Hope everyone else is have much nicer weather than we are at the moment.

Marge in NV


DK said...

Ooh I feel you, Colorado weather's been misbehaving pretty badly too. Just remember, it'll be too warm to snow soon!

Monique said...

Ouch! I'm lucky enough to have a clear sunny day. Still chilly though. What state are you in?