Monday, March 1, 2010

Time To Craft Again

I've been so enamored with the Olympics that I've neglected my usual crafting schedule quite a bit.  Usually, my evenings are taken up with sewing knits.  And I've done that.  A lot.  Just not as much as I should have, but what da heck, the Winter Olympics only come around once every 4 years. 

I did a lot of work on the Brother 390 Knitting Machine today (in 4.5mm mode) and have a huge amount of swatches done up and will get those onto the blocking table tomorrow once they rest overnight.  Then it'll be time to make decisions on what I will knit with those yarns and the various stitch techniques I used on the swatches.  That's the hard part for me ... too many ideas pop into my head!

This diagonal stitch (basically, half of a herringbone) is nice and adds some nifty dimension into the middle of a plain knit sweater and makes a beanie style cap look like it's swirling around.  I did summer beach caps with this about 3 or 4 summers ago.  Simple lacy top 'cap' with a band of the diagonal going around just above a narrow, mildly ruffled brim.  I'll have to make one up and show you what it looks like soon.  Once I find the pattern, that is!  It's in a box.  Probably in the basement.  Where there are tons of boxes & several large, 48gallon sealed yarn tubs still lurking after our move in November.  Ugh.  I've GOT to get working on my knitting room!!

Then I played around with some knitweave on an 8/2 backing yarn of Stonewash Denim with a Ticaro Flake (about 8/2) as the weaving thread.  It has a nice slub to it and I do like the textured look.  Since they're both very thin cotton yarns, they're lightweight and airy enough to let any body heat escape but still solid enough not to cause any ... ummm ... shall we say ... embarrassing moments!  LOL

Happy Knitting!

~ Marge in NV ~


Monique said...

Pretty stitch Marge. Thank you for leaving the comment on my blog. I just posted new pics. Maybe you can see the color better. It isn't mauve or rose at all. Please take a quick look. Thanks for stopping by.

knittingdragonflies said...

I had a knitting machine once, but sold it. I think I needed someone to show me the ropes. You produce some great things.
Glad spring is upon us!