Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crochet Dishcloths & The Olympics

I really got 'into' the Olympics late last night and again this afternoon.  Boy, that Biathalon was really something, wasn't it??  I was cheering both Norway and Austria on and crocheting like crazy!  They were neck & neck and it was great!!  1 1/2 dishcloths later, it was time to go to bed.  Norway won and the finish was superb.  Then this afternoon, after the little in-home 'show', I flipped over to the Olympics yet again and went right back to crocheting more; completed the half-done one and another, too!

I'd completely forgotten about this pattern until I saw the pics of what one of my favorite bloggers had made.  Her blog is called BusyHSMom.  She homeschools seven!  Wow, that's what I call busy!  And I just love the motto in her banner --- "Would someone else be the responsible adult now???"  

So I was tired of making scrubbies (yes, they were all completed well in advance of the in-home show today) and have decided to delve into making a couple dozen dishcloths.  The 'in-home' was sort of a brunch thing.  I took scones.  All my scrubbies are now gone so will have to make more soon. 

Here's a closeup of one of my dishcloths.

BusyHSMom's stitches are sooo nice and neat, perfect tension and alignment --- not mine!  But I've got an excuse ... my enthusiasm for the Olympians overtook my usual attention to stitch size and such.  Well, I didn't want to miss something important, now did I?  So ignore the rather uneven stitches in there.  They're for home use, anyway.  I had several oldies that really needed to head to the garage for oil rags and such.  I like the way the Lily Sugar & Cream variegated cotton yarn seems to make a diamond type of pattern.

That's it for this visit ~ time to go watch more about those fabulous Olympians!!

Marge in NV


Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Marge,
The dishcloths are most attractive. I think anyone wouldn't mind washing up using one of these ! What is the fibre ?
I usually knit wool as I'm a spinner but I have done some work with cotton alpaca and silk occasionally

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you like the veggie fajitas.

(The best part about people making comments is that it leads me to their blogs. Can't wait to peruse yours!!!!)

~Marge~ said...

Hi Barbara, the fibre is Lily's Sugar & Cream 100% cotton. It lasts quite a long time, several years. Although the colors do fade after umpteen washings.

~Marge~ said...

Beverooni, I now have squash & peppers on hand ... guess what's for dinner?? :)

busyHSmom said...

Awww, shucks! Thank you for the kind words. I'm blushing!

And I think your cloths look great! I see no inconsistencies in your stitches.

Lisa Howe said...

Love these crocheted cloths. That yarn is so much fun to work with. I have knitted some, but never crocheted them. Very nice!

knittingdragonflies said...

This is pretty, and I love your little scrubbies!! I can't make enough of them!
The olympics are almost over, then what will we watch!
Take care