Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Latest Crochet & Knit Projects

Thought I'd just chat away about what little (and a couple of BIG) projects I've got in the works.  I've finished up seaming a couple of knits and have them on the blocking board.  Will get some pics up online once they're blocked & dried in a couple of days.  I like to let my machine knit items 'rest' for a few days.  Some folks just take them off the blocking wires the moment they're dry to the touch.  I think that's the wrong thing to do ... knits need to 'rest' quite a bit.  Even after the blocking wires are removed, I'll still leave some of the T-Pins in and let it rest even more.  Nothing worse (to me) to have knits not properly blocked.

Now to get some crochet done up - that's on my list of projects for today.  I've got orders for crochet pot holders (from locals who have purchased from me before) and more of my little Facial Scrubbies.  Strange, but sellers on Etsy seem to list them in quantities of 4 or 6 or more.  Locally, they seem to want them in a set of 3.    Not sure why.  I have finger-loops on mine, much easier for me to hold onto when they're wet and soapy.    See picture at left.

I've also got a new item I'll be putting up online in a few days once I fine-tune the pattern; probably on Etsy, or perhaps one of my other selling sites.    No, I'm not going to tell you what it is ... something I made to make my own life easier and hopefully buyers will feel the same.

Speaking of selling sites, where all do you market your crafts?  Believe it or not, I've got 7 besides my main website, MKDesigner, and my Etsy Shop.  I know, sounds a bit 'much', doesn't it?  Not really, though.  How do I keep up with all those sites?  It's not that difficult for me since the majority of my items are ePatterns (digital downloads) and the quantities available are infinite.  For my hand-knits / hand crochet, I generally use Etsy in my 'other shop', Knits 'n More

Some of the selling sites I utilize are more like re-directs rather than actual sales on that site.  For instance, my Kaboodle listings, have a link to the item in my Etsy Shops so folks can purchase.  Kaboodle is more like a networking site rather than a selling site.  I love many of the groups in there. 

On Ravelry, I can 'share' patterns and I can also sell patterns or crafted items.  Lovely site, I read through a lot of their forums & groups regularly.  Never know what words of wisdom I'll pick up!  I only have a few of my freebie patterns up there right now, but plan to put many of the items for sale later this week.

Enough meandering for now, will post again soon.

Happy Knitting, Crochet & Cross Stitch

Marge in NV (where the snow is starting to melt away -- somewhat!

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