Saturday, February 20, 2010

To Zibbet or Not To Zibbet

I decided to ZIBBET my crafts.  Started with a freebie account earlier this month, then once I heard from several others who display on ZIBBET, I decided to go with a Premium Account.  Only $7 per month.  I'll try it for the next few months, see what transpires and will post about my experiences every now and then.

I've only put up a few of my ePatterns and now will start to put up some of my custom knit items as well.

If you're on ZIBBET or have been thinking about putting your items up for sale on that site, I'd appreciate your comments.

Marge in NV


Sarah said...

I'm on Zibbet too, haven't made any sales yet, but I think it takes some time as well as patience and good photos (Still working on both! ;) I don't really "get" twitter, so haven't done that yet...maybe one day, but I need to actually make product, so don't have loads of time to promote!

I joined Etsy at the same time and I have made a few sales there. I'll be interested to hear your thought. I know Etsy has way more traffic, but you get lost there where Zibbet has WAY less traffic, but you are a lot more visible...
My shops are:
and on etsy:

I'm also trying something on Zibbet, where I'm offering people $10 off of a purchase if they sign up as through me as a premium seller. No takers yet, but we'll see how it goes!
Best of luck to you,

Maggie said...

I just signed up for Zibbit today, and have only listed a few items so far. I have signed up for the free account. I'm very curious why you chose a paid account so soon, when there doesn't seem to be any buys yet?

my zibbit shop is
and my etsy shop is:

I've just started trying to sell online, so would love a response. :-)

~Marge~ said...

Hi Maggie,
I usually do the freebie accounts for awhile to see how things go. But then, when I looked back at my stats, things didn't really pick up for those sites until I advanced to another level of membership. So this time, I thought ... what da heck, I'll just sign up for the paid account on Zibbet for a couple of months and see what happens. I'll be signing up for the upgrade on my Bonanzle account next month. I do things by increments. :)