Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Yes, I know I'm late in putting this up online for Valentine's Day crafting, but hearts are so popular year 'round that I wanted to include it anyway.  Mother's Day isn't that far away, y'know!  This is a graph for knitting a heart.  You can see that I have very few rows where there are more than about 6 stitches of a color.  This makes it easier to carry your other color of yarn in the back of the work.  This one works very well when charted on a knitting machine or input into an electronic.

Please remember that this is my own original design and you may ONLY use it for personal crafting or for selling crafted items at craft fairs, consignment shops or through the various online venues.  So please honor my copyright and do not sell this pattern.  I wrote / designed it, I own it.  Simple.

St. Patrick's Day is getting closer and closer ... how about some free graphs for 3 Shamrocks & A Lucky 4-Leaf Clover??  Same request as above for © on these Shamrock & 4-Leaf Clover knitting patterns.  I designed / wrote them.  I own them.  Simple.

I've got them available (for FREE!) at my MKDesigner website.  They are also in my Etsy Store under the Seasonal Section.  Lotsa nice little freebie patterns in there.  True PIFs. 

These are all knitting patterns, mostly machine knit, although several have graphs for hand knitting.

Marge in NV