Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Weatherman Was WRONG!

Oooookay, we were SUPPOSED to get anywhere from 2-3 inches overnight, with *possible* snow flurries this morning of maybe another inch or two. Uh huh. Sure.  I was actually counting on that little bit of snow to justify NOT going grocery shopping today ~ I wanted to KNIT!. 

The ground was dry and almost bare at 7:00 last night.  Some itsy-bitsy snow flakes coming down, but hardly enough to do more than 'dust' the ground with maybe half an inch.  This greeted me at 6:30 this morning as I looked out the den window on my side of the room.

And this is out our front door ...
Those branches on the other side of the mailbox came down in the night.   Had several branches on several sides of the house come down.  One is resting on one of the powerlines that comes into the back of the house.  Yes, we've already called the power company and we're on their fix-it list.  Should be here in about 3-4 more hours.

And we're supposed to have 45-degree temperatures today.

So.  What's your weather like today?

Marge in snowy Sparks, NV


Moonangelnay said...

same for me here in the uk... didnt expect the stuff and this morning the world was white lol! supposed to be getting more for the next few days. fun!

Susan said...

Snowing here too in North East England, just when we thought we'd seen the back of it.

Lisa at Visual Journey Photo said...

Beautiful! Our weather forecast was also wrong. We were supposed to get 2-3 inches and got 6-8.

~Marge~ said...

Everyone's weather forecaster seems to have been wrong! Wow. Thanks for your comments.