Sunday, February 5, 2017

Here are a couple more wash/dish cloths.

The first one is done on the 390 with the 400 carriage, using the Plating feature.  You'll see that there seem to be two plain rows of the baby cotton white ... not too sure where the medium pink Ticaro flake went to on those rows but it showed up a couple of rows later.  Go figure!  :-)

The second is from a new cone I unearthed last night, Peaches & Creme Ocean Stripes.  Nice and thick, love the color blending.  I'll see how many I can get out of this one cone.  I think they're about $7 or $8 now at WalMart stores.  I remember $6 ones.  Ah, the good old days.  Maybe.

I used to get about 10-12 out of a cone, but that was hand crocheted, the 32 chain ones with a "G" or "H" hook.  But this pattern from Roberta Rose Kelley's video on, is soooo much easier and quicker.  As she says in the video, "it's not square-square nor a rectangle"
.  I think it's more of a diamond shape.  At least mine are.

A BIG THANK YOU,  Roberta Rose Kelley for all the informative videos you provide.  And your website, is a wealth of information for anything machine knit.  She has numerous brands of machines!!

Keep on knittin' ...
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