Sunday, February 12, 2017

So devastated about the Oroville Dam (Butte County, Oroville, California) and the flooding.  The Butte County Sheriff issued a mandatory evacuation and he was right to have done that.  He cares so much about that community. 

It's affected not only Butte County, but all the cities, towns, farms to the south.  For a LONG way.  Marysville is under evacuation orders as is Gridley and so many more.  It wil impact even to Sacramento and beyond.  

Have been watching all the news shows.  Have heard back from family and friends that they are either living on high ground above the flood plain or have evacuated safely.  Whew!!  Thank the good Lord that all who evacuate are safe tonight.  The crisis, so they say, should be over by tomorrow afternoon.  I have high hopes.  They plan to drop rocks into the areas of erosion.  They need to do something ... more rain coming Wednesday. 

I used to live in Oroville, was married there.  I have lots of fond memories of the area. Pray, my friends, for all those affected by this disaster.


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