Monday, February 11, 2008

Taming My Craft Room

Having been delayed for a couple of weeks with family issues and all sorts of stuff, I finally got around to attempt the taming that craft room of mine.

This past weekend I wanted to put up a fourth knitting machine (cleared a space for its table last week) in my 'workroom' (aka: formerly the family room). It's a bulky knit machine and I have a huge box of yarns I bought at an estate sale that will be perfect to use
on that one. It's the Brother 390 Convertible plastic bed machine. It can do either 4.5mm or 9mm, which gives me a lot of versatility. I should put up one of the HK100's as well so I can have more than one bulky machine up and running. But the Brother uses the regular mast assembly rather than having the mast on the carriage, which I prefer.

Well, I did get it up, but it took a lot more work than I'd originally planned. Oh, the space was there for the table, but when I started to try and do some knitting, I realized that I had little or no 'real' traffic space between the
various machines, tubs of yarn and my computer. Sigh. So after some re-designing of the space in the former family room, it finally came together.

I can at least get to the computer now and have removed one of my chairs (had 3 in here, will just wheel the knitting machine one back and forth between machines for awhile until I can get that darned book case moved).

Then the sorting of all those craft supplies began. Oh, boy. Tossed out several reels of ribbon and laces that only had a few inches or so on them. Dunno why I'd not done that before ... maybe I was in a rush. Actually, they're not tossed ... I've bagged them up and will put them into the two tubs for grandkid crafting days.

Now to get the yarn monster under control.
~~ Marge ~~


Bijoutery said...

I keep intending to tame mine, but keep getting distracted playing with the pretties, lol.

HelloCrafty said...

i had to HIRE someone to come in and tame mine!!

KieutiePie said...

Hi! I didn't even know you had a blog! I always thought you were the only other Etsier in Reno, but have you looked at shop local lately? Wow there's lots of us!

Marge in Reno said...

Hi kieutiepie,

Yes, there are lots of us lurking around the Reno / Sparks / Tahoe area. :-) I've been thinking of doing a Treasury with just folks from this area. Hopefully next month. ~Marge~