Monday, May 19, 2008

Hand Held Fans With Used Greeting Cards

These are SO easy and quick to do up! Our church ladies usually have a large amount of them available at any time -- you'd be surprised how often the air conditioner doesn't work well enough when we're packed in the nave like sardines! Those fans come in VERY handy to help handle the heat in late Spring and throughout the Summer!! We have a little box in the narthex telling folks to help themselves to the fans, but if they plan to keep them, please donate a quarter. We get a LOT of quarters for some of the youth projects!!!

* Take two cards of similar size (leave them intact, don't remove the backs, helps stiffen them), have them back to back so the fronts are showing on both sides.
* Punch holes evenly around the edges through all thicknesses, with a gap at the bottom so you can insert the handle.
* Beginning on one side of the 'gap', crochet around the cards
* 1 Large plastic knife is your 'handle' (we use the left-overs from our potluck sets - always have knives unused) - insert into the gap with a good amount of tacky glue on both sides.

Voila! You're done.

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