Saturday, May 17, 2008

I need a pair of earplugs!

Hi Folks,

Well, it's Saturday already --- not sure what happened to Wednesday last week -- its as if there was a tuck in time.

The guys (hubby Jerry and youngest son Wade) are busy rebuilding the hot water heater area. Man, but they're making a LOT of racket! And DUST!! I had to get out a package of plastic drop cloths I'd tucked away and cover everything in my craft room (aka: family room) since they need the door open to trek their dust and dirt back and forth. Gads, but I need those earplugs!

So far, they've not made what Jerry calls, the requisite construction job 'blood sacrifice' yet. Someone has to come up with a busted knuckle or cut somewhere in the process. It's a 'guy' thing, I guess.

I ran across some nifty crafting sites and thought you might be interested ...

Create and Decorate -- so many of us are trying to be more environmentally conscious and recycle discarded items that can easily become lovely, useful items around the home. This site has a whole section dedicated to showing the innovations their readers have created.

AllCrafts -- if you enjoy many types of crafts, be sure to visit this site. They have a plethora of FREE patterns and instructions for just about every craft imaginable.

Cut Out & Keep -- Wow, this is a fabulous place! Free to register and there are a TON of crafting ideas, patterns and instructions. Excellent source to showcase your fabulous crafted items and if you wish, you can share the instructions with other members.

{{HUGS}} & Crafting Love,

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