Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keeping Track Of Listings!

There's a current discussion on Etsy about how to keep track of your listings OFFLINE so you can edit, etc. Many are using WORD or another word processor. I prefer to use EXCEL for all my online selling sites, such as IOFFER, BluJay, eCrater etc. One spreadsheet per site and one page per my shop's category (sections on Etsy).

Each site has its own forms you need to fill out and it gets very frustrating when you can do HTML on some sites and none on others, title lengths very often vary from site to site. Or the layout is different and you need to refer back to something else in order to get the info needed. Some sites have a timeout built into their listing form ... that can be annoying, if you're not prepared with your text written out ahead of time.

Here's a link to show you the style I use on my spreadsheets ... Excel Example

The example file is downloadable.

Marge in Reno

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