Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gas Prices & Crafting

Has the rise in gas prices affected your crafting?

I've had to curtail browsing & shopping for craft supplies not only within, but outside the Reno/Sparks area. No longer can I just get in the car and visit several stores on a whim. Any driving I do has to be planned to include craft stores while I go about my personal business. And since the craft supply stores aren't that close to my Doctor's office, or places like that, it does put me into a quandary.

Why not do all my shopping online? Well, I DO a lot more online now, but it's the personal interaction with shops that I miss. I had to be down in the south end of town not long ago and 2 of the employees at Michaels hailed me by name and asked how I was doing and why hadn't they seen me in 'forever'. The store wasn't half as busy as it usually was on a Saturday. Sad.

Sometimes I only need a few items, and I need them right away (special orders, building craft fair stock). Not everything I do in my crafting allows me to stock up with case lots of items, just from a 'Where do I put it?' standpoint.

I've also had to curtail a lot of yard saling and thrift store adventures. That bites. Maybe I'll put wheels and a little battery motor on my rocking chair!

~ Marge who is pondering what she can do about it ~


dogwood said...

I feel ya. I've had to start planning out my projects a lot better than I usually do so that I'm not making a bunch of little trips to the craft shops throughout the week. I'm finding I spend more on the necessities (food and gas) and that's been cutting into the craft budget, too. It really is a bummer. On the bright side, I've been getting some really fun stuff online that I can't get locally anyway. :)

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

*sigh* I miss the fabric and craft stores. I wish I could give you some advice...but I don't have any.