Saturday, June 21, 2008

Knitting For Profit - How NOT To Be Discouraged

So many times when I teach machine knitters about realizing a profit in their knitting business especially for craft fairs / shows, one of the major comments is that they get discouraged trying to build up their stock. The following is a short excerpt from my eBook, Craft Fair Survival Guide which is available in my Etsy Store ...
  • Get pieces/parts knitted / constructed. Stacks/bags/bins of items knitted, but not necessarily blocked & sewn.
  • Doing something from beginning to end can actually make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and can put one off when the stack seems to grow at about the speed that rocks erode!
  • Plot out your yarns you’ll need and figure out how many items (say sleepers) you can get from each cone. Sit down with that cone on the machine and don’t start another cone until that one’s finished with those sleeper parts.
  • And if there’s some on the cone left over, remember my own method of knitting some quick-fix items before switching. You’d be surprised how efficient you can become when you want to get on to another color of yarn -- you get sick of that color after awhile when it sits there facing you each time you sit down to knit.
  • You’re in this for a profit, and we all have to do things we really don’t like if we really want to realize a good, solid income goal.
~ Marge ~

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