Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yikes! Got Behind Again

Where did yesterday go ??? I know we must have had a Saturday, unless there was a tuck in the fabric of time. Ah well. Time to get caught up and get on with life ...

We had an earthquake here in Reno, NV just about 45 minutes ago (10:53 a.m.) Only registered 3.8, but was enough to shake things up a bit ... like our nerves. We used to live in California and were living in Northern California when the 7.1 quake hit back in the 70's. So it always rattles my nerves a bit, wondering if a larger one is coming. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not. Only made the whole house seem like it was rolling a bit, more side-to-side rather than a bang then up and down. Rolling ones are easier for me to handle.

Ah HA! I 'found' yesterday !! No wonder it seemed to disappear on me, I'd been stuck in our walk-in closet trying to sort through several small tubs of craft stuff for HOURS. By the time I knit up some more bottle cozies and some wristlets a customer ordered, I took a nap and literally slept through the dinner hour. Good thing hubby can fend for himself and our son and grand-daughter weren't due back from one of their mini-trips until quite late.

Other than waiting around for aftershocks (which WILL hit - according to the news report, we've had 15 quakes so far today, many of them we don't feel), I'm going to be reveling in the fruits of my labors yesterday (closet cleaning) and start up some more hand knit items for fall shows, sew up the cozies and the wristlets and then make hubby take us all out to dinner. Sounds like a plan to me.

~ Marge ~

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